Jan 132016

This past year was pretty great, but we’re hoping to make 2016 our best blogging year yet with tons of useful financial resources, education, and less-than-boring tips!

Before we get started, let’s look back on what we’ve already accomplished.

Here are our Top 10 Posts of 2015:

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top 10

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5 Easy Ways to Steer Clear of Debt

Needs vs. Wants

8 Things No One Tells You About Bankruptcy

6 Ways You Can Increase Your Productivity Daily

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Jan 092015
2015 New Years Resolution

Low Carb White Russian from AboutHealth.com

Weight loss and debt repayment are top resolutions when it comes to the New Year. We want you to stay on track with both! This week’s Friday Freebie from AboutHealth outlines 11 cocktails for your 2015 New Years Resolution that will keep you on track with any weight loss goals you might have without compromising your social life.

I know didn’t think it was possible either! But AboutHealth has told outlines how to make sugar free Margaritas, Mojitos, and Pina Coladas, Daiquiris, Tropical Punch, Whiskey-Sours, and Lynchburg Lemonade.

And told us how to make low carb Cosmopolitans, White Russians, Bloody Mary’s, Tom Collins or Vodka Collins. All ingredients and measurements are included in the Cocktails for your 2015 New Years Resolution.

When you try out these recipes comment below this weeks’ Friday Freebie and let us know how delicious they all are! I know I will be trying out my favorite few!

Don’t forget to share your techniques of how you stick to your 2015 New Years resolutions.


Sep 192014

pirate day Ahoy Mates on today for the Friday Freebie of September 19th- national Pirate Day! We’re sorry to inform you that the Parley Team has joined Bootstrap Bill down yonder in the deep blue. Alas, have no fear ye landlocked lubbers, a days work will go on. Aye, but pirates will be steering this Parley ship today. So when ye chat with them, make sure ye be calling right by their pirate names. We gave ye some hints below to keep ya safe, aye, if you cross t’ Parley team today not even Jacob’s Ladder can save ye scallywags from Davy Jones’ locker. You can take that black spot for treasure.


Randy arrr cockswain Clark  has passed and is now Slouchin’ Pablo Slasher.

Sheila yarrr Hawkins be Fishbutt Marcy. Ye all will feel the wrath of this wench is ye decide to call her different.

Everett Grrrrriffiths that scallywag now be Sword Jugglin’ Harvey. Be sure to address him as such over t’ phones.

Kere the siren wench Sheppard be dubbed Pirate Mary the Sword Test Dummy.

Carol cackle fruit McCaffrey took to the locker and Fartin’ Sophie Scar came back.

Out West Glen blimey Kelleway now be Pirate Stew the Dagger.

Down south the landlubber Robbie Ryan now be addressed as Pirate Hank the Periwinkle.

James the flibustier Burgess be gone for Gout Ridden Hugo.

Taylor yarr Zimmerman be feedin’ the fish and Captain Ron Seaturd be takin’ his place.

Courtney son of a biscuit eater Rupters took to the sea and Fartin’ Agnes Teach returned.

The wee bucaneers fared no better than the Seadogs above on Pirate Day:

Carter shark bait Burnstad now be called Captain Hysterical Milt Bonnie.

Harmony yarrr Clark came back a privateer as Captain Kate Backstabber.

Hannah the freebooter Clark ye reckon she be now Captian Hilary Slashface.

Have ye selves a grrrrrand ol’ day on Pirate Day. Make sure ye stay talkin’ like a pirate or else you won’t be slippin loose the hempen halter today. So, Avast ye scallywags as there are hornswagglers and black spots all around today, Pirate Day.

Ye Pirate Dictionary

Ye Pirate Day Resource Guide

A tad of a Pirate Translator for ye landlubbers.

Find out yarr Pirate Day name here.

Aug 062014

Whether you like this catchy reggae tune by Sublime or not, summer is the perfect time to unwind, relax and begin to rethink certain areas of your life that might be holding you back. Too often we become bogged down by our daily lives and forget about our passions, goals and our overall happiness.

Image courtesy of photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Believe it or not, a big part of becoming financially healthy is taking a break from thinking about the reality of your finances. Your bills will still be there tomorrow. Instead, consider your short term and long term goals. Those may include an upcoming trip you want to take, new furniture for your home or the future of your retirement. Are you currently taking steps to attain these goals? Or are you living paycheque to paycheque with barely any savings to speak of?

In either case, the best time to start working towards your goals is TODAY! Someday is not a reasonable time frame. Whether you want a new pair of shoes or save for your down payment, the only time to start is right now.

Will you step up and take control of your personal finances?

As we’ve already said, the best time to take control of your finances is now, however, big changes all at once are really overwhelming. Consider making yourself a list of smaller, more easily attainable goals that will inevitably make your actual goals possible.

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Aug 012014

August 11th CTV let Canadian’s know that their net worth was up 8% and now I am posing the question: do you know what that means?

To kick off lifestyle month here on our blog I am suggesting that if nothing else in the next 4 weeks our readers get critical and gain educated awareness of information and their situation.

When you see a 1 minute 46 second clip from our “trusted” new source letting you know that Canadian’s net worth is up 8% from last year do you consider:

Where did they get their information?

What factors contributed to the survey or study?

What was net worth at previous to increasing by 8%?

What the definition of net worth really is? Let’s check that out. Continue reading »

Jun 262014

Do you feel as though there is never enough money leftover each month to start saving? Maybe you’ve been carrying too much debt around? You aren’t the only one. This infographic created by GetSmarterAboutMoney.ca says just that.

Source: GetSmarterAboutMoney.ca

Some of the numbers may surprise you. Especially the fact that those making $100,000 or more a year still felt as though they didn’t have enough leftover cash to start saving. We are here to remind you that no matter how insignificant the amount, you can start saving at any time. Here are some following reason why you shouldn’t wait any longer to start saving your money.

5 reasons to save from GetSmarterAboutMoney.ca

  1. Handle surprise bills and emergencies – What would you do if the car you drive to work breaks down? Or you get sick and have to take time off work? If you have savings, you can better deal with surprises like these without taking on debt.
  2. Have more choices – Have you ever considered starting your own business or moving to a new city? Having money set aside can make it easier to make major life changes.
  3. Reach short-term goals – Are you planning to buy a home or car? The more you save toward these goals, the less you’ll have to rely on loans.
  4. Reach long-term goals – Plan for a comfortable retirement.
  5. Help family and loved ones – Do you want to help pay for your kids’ education? Will an aging parent need to live with you one day? Having money saved may help you do these things.

Check out some of our previous articles to find new ways to save money today!

5 Financial Tips to Make Your Life Easier – Don’t stress about the big picture. The best way to ensure a better financial outlook is to make subtle changes everyday.

121 Things to do Instead of Spending Money – We get it. It feels like in order to save money you have to stay home. Here’s how to make the most out of your summer days without spending any money.

Get Financially Fit in Your 20’s – We say it time and time again, but it is never too little or too late to start saving. Even an extra $25 a week will start to make a difference.

10 Money-Saving Things You Should be Doing – We love the money-saving twist that can be applied to essential life lessons.Two birds, one stone.

Pay Yourself First, Pay Bills Second – We show you how taking 10% off of your pay check right away, makes saving a lot less painful. If you don’t see it, you don’t spend it and you get used to doing without.

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Jun 202014

Summer is here and this week’s Friday Freebie ties in to the essence of summer: music and memories.

WAVO Express Yourself Through Music

Napster paved the way to freely share, music, movies, media, and consequently legislation for the 21st centuries pirates. Since then many programs, apps, and companies have launched changing the music industry forever. Although many people think this new age audio is just for the kids you’d be shocked to find just how many Baby Boomers & Gen Xers are fascinated with the technology.

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Jun 182014

It’s hard not to get bogged down by all of the financial stressors in your life. You are just scraping by, your savings is non-existent or you simply spend what you make or more, but did you know that you can reduce your costs without totally revamping your lifestyle? By learning to become a smart consumer, shopping around and negotiating for a better price you can earn big rewards. Simple, small changes are going to get your the financial results you want.

According to The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), here are some great ways to reduce and manage your cost of living:

Check your bills

The more on-the-ball you are when it comes to reading your statements and receipts, the more often you will spot mistakes and overcharges before it’s too late. If you pay attention and get errors corrected, you will pay a lot less in late fees, interest and penalties.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Negotiate better service plans

Many service providers will negotiate and match the prices of their competition. The exemption here is typically utility companies. But if you do your homework and find that you could be paying less for your mobile phone, home phone, internet or television services, you can almost always get yourself a better deal.

Here are some questions to ask your service providers:

  • Can you recommend a better plan or deal for me?
  • Can I bundle services to save money?
  • How can I avoid interest charges or penalties?

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Jun 132014

This week’s Friday Freebie is The Confidence Code from author’s Katty Kay and Claire Shipman.

Although their book The Confidence Code is directed toward women anyone can read it. Men, read it for your wives, daughters, sisters, co-workers, or mother; read it to support them in their confidence building endeavors. Read it to better understand how men and women are different in that area. Read it to increase your ability to recognize when the women in your life are exercising their confidence and growing that character muscle. Read it to make sure you’re not quashing their efforts; who knows, there may be personal insight that comes from The Confidence Code for you men.

Women, read it to get educated, to get real, to get better.

The Confidence Code

In today’s world of the (now) quiet fight for equality women tend to miss the mark on true confidence and exercise arrogance, ruthlessness, and truly awkward masculine tendencies. Women tend to be bossy, brash, or stubborn because they believe it shows confidence and assertiveness when in reality it’s unnatural. Unfortunately, there are situations where women feel they have to be this way in order to be respected by their male peers especially in the corporate world which is why The Confidence Code is recommended for any gender.

Furthermore, people need to careful when they read and perpetuate statistics about the current stance in gender equality. One well known area of “inequality” is that women earn less than men when looking at an overall organization or company. You’ll hear people shout “That’s discrimination! Sexism! Unfair! Unjust!” etc. But what the people shouting don’t realize is that women typically occupy positions in the company that simply pay less. They are usually in more administrative roles than management roles. And the odd part is, women tend to put themselves there. Because traditionally, and biologically, men are more assertive, confident, and less emotional than women they tend to be bigger risk takers. Men don’t wait for perfectionism, permission, or “the right time” in order to feel they deserve a promotion, accolades, or the new project which means men will get the job simply because they didn’t second guess themselves and  got there first. Read more in depth on how to close the confidence gap with Joanne Weiner via the Washington Post.

the confidence code Katty Kay and Claire Shipman focus on areas such as confidence and genetics, confidence vs. competence, and the confidence gap  in The Confidence Code and outline what true (female) confidence is, where it comes from, how to increase it, and how to really understand it.
Before you begin on your confidence journey take The Confidence Code Quiz to add to Katty Kay and Claire Shipman’s research, and determine your current confidence level. The detailed summary and suggestions at the end actually get emailed to you as well which both is refreshing and helpful! And don’t worry – if you’re not feeling confident about taking a test guessing is encouraged!

Go boldly into your weekend with this Friday Freebie and share below on how you exercised your confidence muscles!

And remember to join the conversation on Twitter with @KattyKayBBC and @ClairShipman via #ConfidenceCode

Jun 112014

At Financial Help Edmonton, we know how overwhelming taking control of your finances can seem. Whether you are struggling will credit card payments, a student loan or have no savings, we can help you make the small changes neccesary right now that can add up to big changes.

The biggest challenge that we know most struggle with is the big picture. It can be extremely stressful to consider how you are going to make significant changes like pay off your credit card debt all at once. The best way to ensure a better financial outlook is to make subtle changes everyday.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Here are our Top 5 Financial Tips to Make Your Life Easier in the long run:

Commit to an extra mortgage payment

Even if you are years from retirement, consider adding an extra payment each year to pay your mortgage off even faster and ensure that you will no longer have to make mortgage payments once you retire. You don’t even have to make a lump sum payment, you can divide it up throughout the year. For example, if you have a $2000 monthly payment and add an extra $170 each month, you will cut your repayment time by 5 years, not to mention the piles of interest money you will save throughout the life of the loan.

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